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vintage cinema lenses With 10mm f/2. Kowa Cine Prominars TLS Rehoused  CinemaGear. Canon Zoom Vintage Camera Lens. Nov 09, 2016 路 Thanks for the kind words 馃檪 I鈥檝e not used the 300 2. 5mm wide-angle lenses on Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Unbranded 15 inch (380mm) f4 Fast Large Format Portrait/Projection Lens at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! In 1971, Bausch + Lomb introduced the first soft contact lenses and is still the largest global provider of eye care products. 5 Zoom = $50,000 Bausch & Lomb May 07, 2019 路 For those who need a top of the line lens capable of video recording (its AF motor is virtually silent) and for photography use, this lens offers a lot of value. Meet. vintage,  Here, we have the best vintage lenses available on the market today. , Extra Related: cine lens cinema lens ef cinema lens set rokinon cinema lens pl vintage cinema lens cinema zoom lens anamorphic lens canon cinema lens zeiss cinema lens. We already have a few cheap chinese manual m43 lenses: SLRmagic 26mm f/1. Nov 12, 2019 路 Best lens for traveling. Vintage Lenses. 8 equivalent lens in your jacket pocket! Jun 17, 2017 路 The GH5 has the chunkiest 10bit files I鈥檝e ever seen for $2000. 3 lens-56% more picture coverage. This means there are a lot of lenses and accessories. 28mm We offer sought after vintages camera lenses and lens adapters as well as cinema follow focus gears, aperture gears, and 80mm OD 77mm ID cinema step-up rings. Jan 09, 2017 路 The following are my personal 10 favorite vintage lenses to use on digital cameras. As the aperture openinig is considerably smaller than that, the lens speed was more likely in the f/10 range. 00 鈧 215,000. Optically, FD lenses were awesome, but the EF-mount was the way forward for Canon, offering modern amenities such as autofocus, in-camera aperture control, and image stabilization. In this guide, learn about five of the best vintage lenses for modern cameras. May 25, 2017 路 Enjoyed Vintage Camera Lens Library 鈥 Compare over 40 Cinema Lenses? Please share it in your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, email etc) by using social media buttons at the side or bottom of the blog. We鈥檙e attending events all across the country鈥攃ome experience SIGMA cine in person. Thanks. V38 Componon and Symmar Lenses with new Iris Mount . Matte Boxes & Hoods. Aug 01, 2019 路 Sigma lenses are some of the best options for popular camera brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Leica, and cine options. Featured Vintage Lenses for Rent Leica Cinestyle R Series EF Primes. Different Types of Cinema Lenses. 99 Price: 拢29. 1, 35mm T2. View Details . 29 Mar 2017 Some people say that Super Baltars are the Stradivarius of cinema prime lenses. ABOUT US; CONTACT; PRIVACY POLICY; CONDITIONS OF USE; Products. Zoom & Focus Controllers. Labeling of this lens is bit confusing as the earliest versions, which were labeled 'Industar 50' were available in both mounts (early M42x1 versions are hard to find these days), while later versions labeled as 'Industar 50-2' were available only in M42x1. F/3. The ZEISS CP. A cine lens has iris rings that regulate the amount of light passing through the lens, allowing you to adjust aperture and exposure smoothly without any clicking. Even though the new sensor is slightly wider than Micro Four Thirds, the height is smaller, and the image circle (in bold, in the middle of each box) is similar. Cinescope Optics are proud to announce the launch of the new 21mm Leica Super-Angulon-R lens. The front element of the lens is quite large. 8 SP zooms; ultra-tele zooms; new fast F/1. Join me in my discoveries. A Super Baltar 50mm lens from Bausch & Lomb. I have a gorgeous 25mm Switar borrowed from a friend鈥檚 Bolex 8mm. Anamorphic lens lits attach to the front filter thread of a prime lens and double the horizontal view. Oct 13, 2020 路 Due to the handy 2x crop factor of the sensor, micro 4/3 lenses are more compact and lightweight for their quality and range. 8 V2 / 28MM T2. The result is higher contrast, richer blacks and more saturated colors. 8 Aug 2012 I've accumulated a few old lenses from digging around at my parents place, If cinematography I would start buying newer lenses vs. Schneider-Kreuznach made some very fine cinema lenses. The quality that you get from these lenses is amazing. 6G AF-S VR The lenses for this camera are called Pentax Screwmount or M42 mount. $125 Item #L10265: Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 15cm (150mm) f4. 2 lens In addition, a new Leica [鈥 A replacement of Industar 22, with essentially the same optical formula. Antique and Vintage correctly represented, rare examples of motion picture projectors on display in our Dallas Gallery. Price will be around CNY 500 (around 80 USD). Lenses. CO. Their unique image  31 Aug 2012 I felt that my old cine lenses, with their simple glass coating (or lack of) and their speed (most of them are f1. Germany-based film equipment and service company Gecko-Cam have put their previous expertise in projectors, lens service and repair into designing their own line of cinema primes. Dec 19, 2012 - Who invented the zoom lens? This is not a question which can be answered quickly or easily. Consisting of three primary parts; a seamless 32-pitch (0. 32mm. What to look for when choosing a vintage camera lens Shopping for a vintage camera lens is much like shopping for a new product. These smart lens adapters are more for adapting newer DSLR lenses to mirrorless cameras, such as Sony A-mount to Sony E-mount , and can come in at around 10x the price of the See full list on neilvn. Best Match Time: SLR Magic Cine 35mm T0. SIGMA Cine lenses are for full-frame size  Images Mounting a prime cinema lens like a Teen (below) or a Sigma Canon also offers a vintage or classic look with its new Sumire primes, but these are  Our vintage lens rentals can be picked up locally in Los Angeles or shipped Nationwide for additional fees. Note that producers whose only presence in the photo industry at any time has been the manufacture of digital cameras (Logitech, for example, which has made Webcams) are listed separately on the List of digital camera brands. In this article, we鈥檒l try to clarify the main reasons for choosing those expensive cinema lenses over still (photo) lenses. It鈥檚 one of the most all-around lenses on the market, at least with such great optic quality. 3 lenses are also color-matched to other Zeiss cinema lenses. Available in 55mm, 60mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 95mm, 100mm, 110mm focal lengths. There is a lot of bad advice about lenses floating around in  Rent Vintage Lenses, ARRI Alexa, Alexa Mini, Alexa Mini LF, RED Monstro, Sony Venice, Anamorphic Lenses, Specialty Lenses, Zoom Lenses, Full Frame Lenses . Antiques to be treasured for decades 鈥 and yes that is a focus gear glued onto mine. Our anamorphic lens kits are cinema-grade lenses adaptable for modern DSLR and cinema cameras. Sony FE 90mm f/2. 7 Oct 2018 Flash-forward a few years, and vintage lenses have become (somewhat) the norm in filmmaking. 8 or Jul 10, 2019 路 Here at DPReview we use a lot of lenses, but we can't test every single product on the market. The GL OPtics Lomo Set is fresh of the RnD board and is the newest addition in our family of lenses for you. For lenses originating from 8mm and Super8 cameras that are 25mm or longer, this is less of a concern. Apr 30, 2020 路 The sharpest "vintage" lenses are the modern ones. By James Coleman Rogers, August 28 in Lenses & Lens Accessories Sony A7 III Camera w/ FE 28-70 Lens & FE 24-105mm f/4 G Lens, 4 batteries, ND Filter - BARELY USED 300mm F6. PVintage Primes Based on the award winning Panavision Ultra Speed Prime lenses, the PVintage Series delivers superior mechanical performance while retaining their characteristically smooth organic imagery. Good Portrait Lenses What makes a good portrait lens is a huge topic, worthy of it's own article, needless to say we're going to simplify this part too. 0 35mm & 70mm Motion Picture Cinema Lens . URSA Oct 04, 2016 路 Over the course of two days, in a studio in Burbank, California, a band of self-proclaimed 鈥渓ens geeks鈥 set out to complete the ultimate vintage cinema lens test. Vintage is hot. Walker Aug 22, 2020 路 Best Macro Lenses for Sony a7 III. We specialize in brands like Bell & Howell, Pathe, Seimens, Kodak, Argus, Graflex, King Barker, Keystone, and many more that represent the history of vintage Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Starting from $840. The filter has threads that match the threads inside the edge of the lens. The lens was manufactured in two mounts - m39x1 and M42x1. Vintage C-mount cinema (often shortened to cine) lenses are an excellent option if you want the best quality you can get and are okay with spending a little bit  Vintage cine lenses like the Zeiss lenses in this set are highly prized gems among today's discerning Director's of Photography shooting with digital cameras . 8 9-30mm 8mm Cinema Francia / Soci茅t茅 de Propagation des ZEISS has been manufacturing large format cinematography lenses that cover FF35 and beyond for more than ten years. ) Perpetua 390TE (Totally automatic 3-lensSafeguard turret model. Order now . Starting at $2,231. 2 L F Cinema Prime: This impressive telephoto prime lens covers the full-frame format, has an 11-bladed diaphragm for smooth out-of-focus-area effects (bokeh) and features comprehensive scales on both sides of the barrel that can be switched from footages to metric distances. 漏 Are you interested in existing lenses for profesional cinema? This is the App you are looking for, find the information of all the lenses in the market, categorized by anamorphic or spherical, families, manufacturers and series. Validation by experts. 8 / 35MM T2. Focal Lengths: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm. That's why we have these camera lens rental available at our  7 Jan 2016 Vintage film lenses offer your portraits a cinematic look, and can be very affordable compared their digital counterparts. There are so many incredible classic cinema lenses floating around the used market from Zeiss, Cooke, Angenieux, etc. Price and Availability The retail price for a 25/35/50/75/100/125mm T2. 99 ' Mitchell R35 MARKII ' Mitchell R35 MARK II Professional Cine Camera 400FT Shoulder Can x 2 Cased -NICE SET- 拢399. Online purchase Cinema projector on vintage tripod Cremer on Selency. Famed lens rehousing organization, True Lens Service, based in the UK has had great success re-purposing vintage cinema lenses for a modern, demanding production environment. Zhongyi Optics from China is developing a 28mm f/2. Buy, Sell & Trade at UsedPhotoPro! Our huge selection of used cameras, great deals and 180 day warranty will make us your first stop for used photo equipment! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Unbranded 15 inch (380mm) f4 Fast Large Format Portrait/Projection Lens at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Hasselblad 500C/M /Carl Zeiss T* Planar 80mm F2. But if you want to learn more about the lenses above, or see any of Mathieu鈥檚 weird lens reviews, check out his YouTube channel . Beautifully rehoused by TLS (True Lens Service), these vintage primes are one of the most sought-after lens sets on the market. Thanks for the offer! I love anamorphic lenses, I keep buying old projector lenses and its starting to burn a hole in my pocket. 8 module) focus gear, a standardized front ring, and a de-clicked, damped aperture movement. Shopping for a vintage camera lens is much like shopping for a new product. Easily maintained, accurate, and reliable 鈥 get the Cooke庐 Look. In Cine Gear 2019, with a concentration on covering the expanding sensor sizes of many popular cameras, the Digital Cinema Society has decided to focus its panel on the examination of the Cinema Large Format Lens market and to explore what鈥檚 new from some of the top lens The Vintage & Classic Camera Co is a long established retailer of fine Vintage and Contemporary Photographic Equipment. Movexoom 5155 1960 zoom lens camera 1. Premium Isco German build quality with 11 multi-coated lens elements Discover our high quality range of over 40 interchangeable camera lenses including A-mount and E-mount lenses crafted for a range of shooting situations. 5625 Melrose Ave, Hollywood, CA 90038. Vintage sets of cine lenses offer great value, despite them not having a few of the newer features that you get to enjoy with today鈥檚 modern cine lenses. Excellent, rare vintage lens manufactured some time in the 1920's. The final   Feb 28, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Shoot Blue. TLS Kowa Cine Prominars Rehoused. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. 5 lens. We had noticed that many lenses for old film cameras had Contact Us. 5 was shoot at 1600 ISO, F/1. So a 50mm lens will be somewhat long (maybe better for portraits), and a 25mm lens will be "normal" (maybe better for a walkaround). This is a new page, in development. Highly sought after uncoated lens sets include the Bausch and  Kowa Cine Prominar Spherical Primes (TLS Conversion). I鈥檝e been teasing about my 鈥$1000 Zeiss Mini-Cine Set鈥 on social networks a lot, but it鈥檚 finally the time to take an in-depth look at what has gone鈥 May 11, 2017 路 Canon CN-E 135mm T2. 9 Cine Navitar Number A3427 Cinematar 3 Inch Telephoto Lens F:3. Am wanting to get some vintage glass for the a7s I'm buying - there are just so many different brands out there and I don't know too much about older lens  We BUY-SELL-CONSIGN used Vintage Cinema Lenes like Lomo, Canon K35, Cooke Speed Panchro, Super Baltar, Canon GL Optics, Ultranon, Schneider,  Sought out vintage glass comes in both cine and repurposed (cine-modded) stills lens flavours. These award-winning lenses are available world wide through Vantage Film and its partners. A lot of cameras coming out now have the ability to accept adapters that allow you to put on whatever lens you like, though this means you lose the ability to auto focus or set the aperture through the Hasselblad 500C/M /Carl Zeiss T* Planar 80mm F2. It also opens a wider selection of lenses, including modern and vintage cinema lenses that won鈥檛 cover full-frame sensors. ) 1. As far as Nikon film cameras go, you can鈥檛 go wrong with the F3. You can generate select them, and generate the lists you Shop in Vintage-Lenses- from Magna-Tech and International Cinema. Choose cine lenses according to your intended use. OLD FAST GLASS is a Los Angeles based motion picture camera rental company, focusing on vintage A TRUE UNICORN! Quite possibly the RAREST, coolest vintage Cinema Zoom you've NEVER seen: Communist Chinese S35 18-180mm/3. 26 Save up to $500 on lenses Shop Now. Shot with Cinema EOS C100 Mark II cameras, Orphan Cars features a husband and wife antique car restoration team. Price range: $125-250. Ilex shutter is in need of repair. XK6x20 is a standard zoom lens for 4K compatible cinema camera, which realizes T3. Jan 07, 2016 路 The photo shown above is a C-Mount Lens (probably from a 16mm movie camera) mounted on a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. 5, 28mm T2. 00 postage. 10mm f/2. May 13, 2020 路 Equipment for optical testing of vintage lenses. 466. 拢150. As such, FD lenses became 鈥渓egacy lenses鈥濃 defunct and abandoned鈥 left to collect dust in closets as their optical prowess faded from memory. And, the new lenses come equipped with /i Technology for frame by frame digital information capture, as do all modern Cooke cine lenses for film and digital capture. 1 at 200 ISO. With the proliferation of digital cameras, film cameras might seem like a dying breed, but they're very much alive and kicking. Nikon 28-300mm f/3. If you want to sell or trade your own second hand equipment, just ask for a quote . I have a 24mm lens with built-in color filters, and it's the only lens I've ever heard of that has this. 2, there remain several popular lenses that are not communicating with the camera. 8 in 16-35 mm, 24-70 mm and 70-200 mm. We were founded by Photographers and Videographers with a vision to create the best experience for buying and selling used camera equipment in a focused marketplace. We stress test every situation: heavy rain, dropping, vibration, endurance of the focus ring, different temperatures (-40掳C and +70掳C), dust sealing, to guarantee a long life and full functionality of our cinema lenses. Canon FD Cine-Mod Primes - EF Mount - 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm,  Results 1 - 48 of 12019 Adapter: Many adapters allow you to fit vintage lenses on digital cameras of differing brands. A small switch at the front of the camera would insert an 85mm mask into the viewfinder window. When choosing Sigma camera lenses, make sure to select the appropriate mount type for your specific camera. However, not all wide-angle lenses are equal and deciding what best suits your style can be tricky. com The new Gecko Genesis series of cinema primes from Gecko-Cam are aimed for those looking to give their images a more vintage look. Buy & sell used camera lenses at KEH Camera. Brands like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Minolta offer manual vintage SLR lenses that are smaller, more lightweight, and can be used on most camera Oct 04, 2016 路 Vintage Cinema Lens Library Is Huge and Mesmerizing. 5 Telephoto Lens, #C3735, Excel. A smartphone or fixed lens camera won鈥檛 have the threads needed to screw on the filter. What to look for when choosing a vintage camera lens. 4 Planar T* lens is now available Mamiya-Sekor EF 50mm f1. These cinema lenses were made in the 70's and 80's and won  A set of some beautiful old vintage manual lenses. So I'm playing a lot of catch-up right now. 2s or the Canon CN-E Vintage lenses are also becoming popular again nowadays, for the  21 May 2013 And a really easy way to do this is with vintage or old lenses. 4), could become a useful addition  16 Sep 2017 Enter 鈥 LensFinder. 8 with the D500, but having used that lens in the past, no doubt it would be stellar. Canon EF 50mm f/1. 5 Angenieux Anamorphic Optimo 42-420mm A2S T4. ) Perpetua 393E (Fast 10mm f/1. High resolution single coated modern optics featuring free form design for visual acuity matching the human eye. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. 5 Lens Used Condition: AVG $ 299. 8 C(15620) Condition: B+ Excellent $1,458 PENTAX ESPIO 115 AF 38-115mm(16733) Condition: A- Near My dad was fascinated by the optical attributes of the old lenses, while my goal was to create a video with an unfiltered vintage look. 5-6. 8 Admiral Sun Soligor lens review Over 160+ Lenses Cataloged Browse The Ultimate Cinema Lens Library. I use a set of modified vintage 1 "fast Tevidon lenses for BMPCC. Lenses that are more optically imperfect have their own look that works great with modern digital image making. Kowa Cine Prominar Spherical Primes (TLS Conversion). November 7, 2020 Spiratone 135mm 1. No major scratches or marks on the glass. Find more of what you love on eBay stores! Vintage & Anamorphic Spherical Kit converts lens into 25-250mm T3. 1. The previous owner must have got fed up of it slipping! They still do make some very fine cinema lenses at Schneider HQ in Germany but they Access to Vintage Lenses When you enter the world of adapted lenses, your lens catalog grows exponentially. Canon 1200 f/5. The price is not much  27 May 2016 Even 'budget' cinema glass such as the Zeiss CP. these give you a 50mm equivalent, which is of course usable but not wide 2X Anamorphic Prime Lenses. 8 Buy, Sell & Trade at UsedPhotoPro! Our huge selection of used cameras, great deals and 180 day warranty will make us your first stop for used photo equipment! Tamron lenses deliver a superb fusion of performance and value, enabling today鈥檚 high-resolution DSLRs to perform at their peak. There is now a magic Internet stop that will allow you to Can be remounted for any motion picture camera or digital camera. 7 Save up to $1000 on a wide range of cameras & lenses Jan 26, 2020 路 However, there are canon lens mounts that are specific to canon, the most recent being the new Canon EOS mount that is functional with the new line of Canon EOS lenses. Learn. com, a new way to buy and sell vintage and used glass for the stills and There can be a vintage Russian anamorphic lens from the sixties and a Canon Building a Cinema Camera Gimbal on a Budget. 8 (1:1. Cooke 10. com 漏2020 Alan Gordon Enterprises OLD FAST GLASS - Cinema Lens Rentals, San Rafael, California. 8 Anastigmat and an 85mm f/5. Orphan Cars: Behind the Scenes DP Chapin Hall looks at the unique features the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II that provided to help capture beautiful imagery and tell this story. Gear Focus is the online marketplace for buying and selling new and used camera equipment. I have always wanted to dissect my Schneider Super鈥慶inelux to give it a 1. 0 bids. Cinema lenses that do vintage right. Used Film SLRs. 00. I do have a few years of experience as a video engineer and I also have a decent amount of experience using cameras with relatively small sensors (mainly mirrorless cinema cameras like the BMPCC) so I am very aware of a lot of the advantages and challenges associated. Beyond that, I can't say any more. Vantage One4 鈥 Spherical Glass for Large Format. Or post to your blog and anywhere else you feel it would be a good fit. Let鈥檚 take a look at the construction of the lens. 2. Visitors to our digital cinema and film marketplace website can find new and used gear from all the major equipment manufacturers as well as individual sellers worldwide. These are very easy to find and really cheap. Gaumont Kalee Colour Corrected Bloomed 35mm Cinema Projector Lenses! 拢420. 1 Zero-D Cine Lens, and Laowa 12mm T2. Aug 23, 2020 路 Since 2017 I have been reporting that Leica is planning to release several new vintage/historical/heritage lenses similar to the Leica Summaron-M 28mm f/5. Just Cinema Gear specializes in used Cinema Lenses, Cinema Cameras, Digital Cinema Cameras and all sorts of Cinema Equipment. Every photographer or filmmaker needs a lens to capture the scene and every professional has its own lens set for different purposes. 7 Save up to $1000 on a wide range of cameras & lenses Cinema Lenses. 5 lens with a 4 hole pattern Oct 30, 2020 路 The prime lens series is a balance between modern and slightly vintage with neutral color with minimal breathing. Modifying and Rehousing lenses is a Sep 13, 2017 路 Choosing a Cine Lens Tip #3: Go vintage. Although products and times have changed, Bausch + Lomb still adheres to the legacy of dedication to innovation, quality, and craftsmanship established by John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb. Welcome to Visual Products Online. Sep 28, 2016 路 By teaming up with the ShareGrid community (where Barbano is a co-founder), Duclos Lenses, and Old Fast Glass, they created Vintage Cinema Lens Library. 8 to F/2. The Vintage Leica 鈥淩鈥 lenses gives qualities that help gain personality and favorable characteristics, especially in flesh tones. 8, 24mm T1. New, Pre owned and used vintage lenses, spherical lenses,S35mm lenses, full frame lenses, anamorphic lenses, film cameras, video cameras, digital video cameras, Arri lenses, Zeiss lenses, Angenieux lenses, Illumina lenses, Lomo lenses, Super Baltar lenses, Baltar lenses, Cooke lenses, GL Optics lenses, Atlas lenses,Schneider lenses,Sigma lenses, Tokina lenses, Super speed lenses,Fujinon lenses For the best camera rental in Los Angeles, rent with BrainBox Cameras. Justin and Jason with the 1200mm f/5. 5cm (105mm) F4. 8 STM Lens. Control contrast and flare with the single coated aspheric front element. This LUT Pack is designed for use with vintage lenses on Mirrorless and DSLR cameras using  Using a vintage lens with a DSLR can open up all sorts of creative opportunities. 8 lens; 2 1/2X telephoto and 6. Keep reading to discover This lens gives images a cinematic look. 2,  cinema focus throw, almost no breathing and a extremely cinematic look and bokeh. 6. 拢9. The lens is composed of 8 elements arranged in 6 groups. The Nucleus-Nano is a revolutionary wireless lens control system specifically designed for handheld gimbal systems. Watch. Become a Redditor. We offer unbeatable value & a 180-day warranty. This is a commonly used lens these days, so it鈥檚 a good example to illustrate the state of modern cinema lenses. Email: contactus@alangordon. Original Vintage 35mm KALEE CINEMA MOVIE FILM PROJECTOR No 8 Mech 10150 2restore. Better have than have not! CHECK NEW ITEMS. In the RAWIn "Black Magic Cinema Camera". 22mm T2. Email: rental@primecamera. Details: Double-element, intended for lenses with focal length of 70-300mm All lenses used to be manual before digital photography came along; it was the norm to manually set your aperture and manually focus your shot. Tihomir Lazarov filmkennedy - February 28, 2017. This seems to be in good condition, however I have not tested this on an actual projectorfrom 81077211 Jun 27, 2019 路 Digital Cinema Society (DCS) Large format cinema glass panel: Top cinema lenses manufacturers representatives and experts. Cinematographer Matt Porwoll was among the first people in the world to get his hands on Canon鈥檚 Sumire Prime Cinema Lenses, and he filmed a collection of scenes in various lighting conditions with varying skin tones to illustrate the strength and style that the lenses provide. The new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (Amazon, B&H) has a larger Micro-Four Third-type sensor, so if you use Super 16mm lenses, it will vignette. Nikon Winter Sales Event 鈥 Ends Jan. This 36lbs monster is the kind of lens you use once, and then tell regale your buddies with stories of your virility and stamina. A set of Soviet cine lens is one of the best amongst the vintage lenses. The original Cooke Speed Panchro, designed by Horace W. The first real test, though, is the Godfather lens. Jul 02, 2008 路 The lens will focus even if the camera won鈥檛 (ZING!). 00 Before they go to work on set these lenses go through a long journey, enduring a battery of tests in our environmental lab. We offer sought after vintages camera lenses and lens adapters as well as cinema follow focus gears, aperture gears, and 80mm OD 77mm ID cinema step-up rings. 4 aperture and very good sharpness in the FJSInternational. 5-5. The project first began as a collaboration between ShareGrid鈥檚 Brent Barbano, and Duclos Lenses鈥 own Matthew Duclos. Aug 23, 2016 路 One of the main reasons why people choose vintage lenses is their cost when compared to modern equivalents, because vintage ones will often cost as much as 10 times less than their modern equivalents. The K35s were made in the 70's and 80's as Canon's response to the Zeiss Super Speeds, and they won an Academy Award in 1977 for their optical design. Vintage movie cameras, projectors and accessories can still be used today to make home movies - or in some cases, even professional productions. This lens is a classic 鈥 it goes way back to the beginning of the EOS system in 1987. 1, 55mm T1. 3 OSS E-Mount Lens Starting from $620. 33x squeeze and also to rehouse it (it weighs so much!). A perfect sought after vintage camera. Ok, arguably, a 600mm with a doubler is better than this behemoth, but c鈥檓on. Almost all high-end cinema lenses are PL mount, or 鈥減ositive-lock鈥 mount. Houston, TX 77031. $225. Results 1 - 33 of 33 9 - D Mount - Movie/cine Lens. 80 with Code. Sony E PZ 18-200mm f/3. sharegrid. I tried my beloved vintage (1960s) Zeiss Jena medium format lenses on  13 Sep 2017 A true cinema lens is highly superior to still photo lenses in terms of Pick your 鈥 normal鈥 lens Add wide-angle and zoom lenses Go vintage  Apr 15, 2017 - Explore michael white's board "vintage cine cameras" on Bolex Paillard 'B 8' Vintage Cine Camera 8mm Twin Turret 2X Lenses 1956 | eBay. P. com/the-cinema-lens-library PRESENTED BY: ShareGrid https://s. 8 pancake can be bought at or around $100, and it is very sharp wide open. They give you that cinematic feeling, provide good weight, and generally bring your production quality up a notch. With a 112mm front diameter and a relatively reduced weight, it is a very versatile. Night shoot test with some great old C-Mount lenses. October 4, 2016. Aug 14, 2020 路 The lens, a 35mm f2, rumor has it, was an exact copy of the Leica 35mm f2 Summicron for M mount cameras without the nosebleed price. Aug 12, 2020 路 In this guide, I'll explain the 3 main lens options for a Raspberry Pi HQ Camera. Our selections for best telephoto zoom and travel zoom lenses were updated on July 10, 2019, based on reader feedback. All the F/1. 5mm wide-angle and 25mm telephoto auxiliary lenses. 0. Venus Optics added the Canon RF mount option to 3 of their new ultra-wide cinema lenses; the Laowa 9mm T2. 8 FE / 50MM T1. With eight sets of today's most popular vintage cinema lenses, we created one of the largest lens tests to date - compare over 80 videos! ARRI / Zeiss Master Prime Canon K-35 Cooke Speed Panchro Series II/III Kowa Cine Prominar Leica R Lomo Round-Front Anamorphic Nikon AI-S Zeiss Super Speed MK II/III We BUY-SELL-CONSIGN used Vintage Cinema Lenes like Lomo, Canon K35, Cooke Speed Panchro, Super Baltar, Canon GL Optics, Ultranon, Schneider, Zeiss Super Speeds, Kowa, Cinevision, Todd AO, Hawk and Canon FD Lenses. 3561 | Fax: 323. 2193. Get 鈥檈m quickly before someone else snaps them up! (Scroll down to the bottom of this story to read my tips on choosing and using vintage lenses on digital cameras. 2,065 likes 路 18 talking about this. It鈥檚 not always about the image quality Many of May 20, 2020 路 To mount the PL lens, simply place the notch over the small pin and tighten the friction mount on the camera. Most vintage lenses will create a full frame image circle, or roughly twice the dimensions of a m4/3 sensor. 3 Catadioptric for Mirrorless . We rent cameras, lenses, & accessories. 8 SP prime lens series; and world renown macro lenses. $600 set, $75 a lens / day. The lenses are designed with standardized positioning of the focus rings and a consistent 95 mm front diameter to allow for fast and easy changeover between lenses while on set Vintage Lens/Heads f. 漏 A replacement of Industar 22, with essentially the same optical formula. 36 shipping. Fun fact for you, Minolta is an acronym for 鈥淢echanism, Instruments, Optics, and Lenses by Tashima鈥. Please read this description in full. In its most common setup it had a concave mirror behind a light source to help direct as much light as possible through a painted glass picture slide and a lens, out of the lantern onto a screen. 9 Zero- D, Laowa 15mm T2. com is proud to offer the finest in vintage, antique, and collectible motion picture cameras, lenses, accessories, and historic motion picture  10 Jul 2020 I research, test, review, blog about and even giveaway vintage photo & cine lenses, particularly for video use. In case you are considering to invest in cine-lenses, this article might be useful for you. Sep 30, 2020 路 Sigma art lenses are an affordable way to get an art lens. 21 January 2020. 5mm T2. 25mm. The Panasonic GH4鈥檚 MFT mount is relatively new, so you don鈥檛 have decades of lenses for this mount like you do with other mounts like Nikon, Canon FD, or C-mount. 5 lenses with sensor coverage well beyond full (Totally automatic single-lens model. Scroll . And we didn鈥檛 just make these 鈥渓ook like鈥 vintage glass; the PVintage series uses true vintage glass from actual Ultra Speed Prime lenses, re-housed in modern mechanics to be more user Rokinon 漏 2020 Rokinon As an avid collector of vintage lenses, there was no shortage of lenses to choose from when sourcing the right glass to learn on. 8 Macro G OSS ($1,098): Perfect macro lens for Sony a7 III!For those who frequently shoot macro photography and close-up portraits, the Sony 90mm f/2. Welcome (back) to Selency! The marketplace where unique pre-loved furniture and vintage home decor live happily together (before moving in with you). 5 lenses where shoot at 800 ISO. 871. Without built in filter. All three lenses feature the same optical system as the rest of the mounts and with the same close-to-zero distortion ( Zero-D ) design. 28 Sep 2016 Behold: the most comprehensive library of vintage cinema lens imagery possible. Minolta SRT-101. The K35s are Canon's answer to the Zeiss Super Speeds. 4 FE / 135MM T2. Allied Broadcast Group is a full line dealer of new and used professional broadcast video production equipment, mobile and OB production trailers and trucks. THALIA-T*: an optical design from 1935 with dreamlike, romantic look without a filter (see data sheet in the download section). Canon EF Cinema Primes. Price: $149. That lens (coupled with a C-Mount-to-micro-4/3 adapter snagged off of Amazon) gave me a retro setup for shooting 鈥渄ad videos鈥 of my four year-old on my hacked Panasonic Lumix If you are getting into vintage lenses and want to build an affordable set that will be usable in every shooting environment, this guide is for you. Orion Series 2x Anamorphic Primes . Products carefully selected. It makes it possible for a single operator to control a lens gear while simultaneously operating their gimbal. After drooling over these great lenses, you might also want to take a look at our earlier pick of the top 10 lenses for mirrorless cameras. With a DSLR lens or mirrorless camera lens, you鈥檒l often screw the filter into the end of the lens of the camera. For over 15 years we have offered the finest in reconditioned equipment to the film and video industry. There are new rumors about two new Leica M vintage/historical lenses: Leica M 35mm f/2. Bausch and Lomb Super Baltars. Academy Award Winning Cinematography Lenses for multiple film and digital applications. Vintage cameras & lenses from the fallen empire! Shop Now! Classic film cameras Shop Now! NEW ARRIVALS. 1 is $1249 each, while the Macro 90mm T2. 3, 135mm T2. Transition from vintage to modern with ease. Focal length is the distance in millimetres from the imaging surface (film or sensor) and the optical centre of the lens when it is focused at infinity. 8 lens Leica M 50mm f/1. 5 or 1. 1 Comment. Manufacturers create specific filters to fit specific lenses. 5) is $1499 . It allows them to adapt to different environments and conditions to accomplish their tasks. $950 Item #L10266: Very rare, vintage C. Rokinon has been around for as long as I have (1979) and have been producing high quality and cheap cinema lenses for decades. They want a signature rendering look in their artwork, but it's extremely difficult to have a complete vintage lens set. Thanks to the size of the micro four thirds camera sensor, you鈥檙e suddenly able to carry a 70-200mm f/2. 00 On Sale From $1,784. Check the Blackmagic Cinema Camera forum on Blackmagic Design's website for the latest list of compatible lenses. Elgeet Cinematar Lens Vintage 1 1/2 Inch F:1. 6 L lens has the honour of being the most inexpensive L lens you can buy on the used market. The mount is obviously Canon EF, and the focal range as said is huge. The image is not overly contrasty nor flat but with good sharpness found in modern lens. or Best Offer. The Nano system is compatible with all DSLR, mirrorless, and modified 鈥渃ine-style鈥 vintage photo lenses. The combo of the 300 2. by Adam Sparkes. 5 because it keeps a Nov 07, 2020 路 Vintage Camera Lenses Vintage Photography from Analog to Zeiss. 95 T aperture, affording the Jun 03, 2020 路 These lenses range from the disruptive tilt-shift variants to fast f/1. 8 lens for Micro Four Thirds, which will have a 4 group and 5 lenses design. While they didn鈥檛 quite manage to shoot every single set of cinema glass ever made, these filmmakers have done the single most exhaustive lens test we've ever seen. Download Vintage camera stock photos. Memory Cards. 8 C(15620) Condition: B+ Excellent $1,458 PENTAX ESPIO 115 AF 38-115mm(16733) Condition: A- Near Ultimate Vintage Cinema Lens Test Posted Sep 29 2016 by dennis in Filmmaking with 0 Comments The guys at ShareGrid , Duclos Lenses and OLD FAST GLASS 鈥 Cinema Lens Rentals have decided to take an assortment of vintage lenses and create a 鈥渧intage cinema lens library鈥. Camera and lens manufacturers. It鈥檚 a still camera lens with a . FILMIC COLOURS TO COMPLEMENT YOUR VINTAGE LENSES. The lens of choice is the Canon EF 24鈥105mm f/4L IS II USM. 4 eBay (Click here) SLR Magic 35mm f/1. 0 Camera Projector Elgeet Elgeet Cinematar 1. 2MP CMOS Sensor & 24-105mm Lens Kit) Panasonic 鈧 267,990. For instance, Canon EF 40/2. Many accounts will give you a name and a date: Joseph B. 2, 28mm T2. Rent Cinema Lenses: Anamorphic, Prime, Zoom, and Vintage Glass with LightHouse Films and save on your cinema lenses rentals in NYC! 0 Focus Gear Covid-19 Protocols Nov 08, 2017 路 As a baseline, the camera shoots a scene with a Zeiss CP 50mm lens. The Vantage One4 line of six spherical large format lenses brings distinctive optical traits and warmth to today鈥檚 expanded sensors. Visual Products is the largest reseller of used motion picture equipment in the world. This Japanese brand is one of my favorite vintage camera brands that takes film. $125 a lens / day. Vintage cinema lens set for under $300? Yes please! These 6 vintage lenses cost me only $256! Learn more about these affordable lenses below. So if we've excluded your favorite lens, or if you disagree with any of our selections, please let us know in the comments below. 鈥 many of which can be purchased for less than the price of a Rokinon XEEN (or similar). Why should I care about old Russian camera lenses? As an indie filmmaker, especially a low-budget indie filmmaker, we are always looking for ways to optimize a very limited number of resources, and for most of us, the most limited resource is money. Learn about XK Cabrio Series Nov 02, 2020 路 In terms of specifically made for cinema zooms, there are some Panavision zooms for the System 65 series, dating to the 90s, and maybe some of the zooms for the Arri 765 are vintage (no doubt adapted from medium format) and I believe some Russian zooms for 65mm were made back in the 70s/80s (if you can find them). $75 a lens / day. $950 Item #L10373: Very rare, vintage C. The choice is yours. OPT. 8, 35mm T2. The versions with new aperture will replace the previous Add to cart Brook-Reflex Vintage Box Film Camera with Meyer Gorlitz 10. From $100 a lens / day. It is a little slower than the rest, but has amazing characteristics and is a great edition to any cinematographer wanting dynamic focal flexibility. Through the years, what started as an experiment to convert an old Leica still lens for cinema use became a sustainable passion. Sep 25, 2020 路 Until now, I've always used fixed lens video cameras (Sony EX1R and Z150) or, even earlier, just kept the stock lens on the camera (JVC GY-HD101E). Some vintage lenses will even perform some of the same electronic functions as their newer counterparts, like autofocus and lens correction. $1,621. At the stills camera dealer, I had a look at the EF-S 10-18mm and the sales attendant also put in a plug for the Sigma 10-20mm f/3. 8 lens for L-mount; Skyllaney鈥檚 MkII conversion of the Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1. 24 Apr 2019 A brief review of the Mir 1-B 37mm Vintage Lens | Featuring images from been adapted to EF and has a cinema geared focus ring installed). It was popular for students and beginner photographers. Read our insights down below. Decent ones start around $50, about the price of a higher-end new CCTV lens or a really nice used one by a more well-known company, and nicer ones can go for hundreds of dollars Aug 29, 2019 路 Cinema lenses are known for their unique design, which is dedicated to filmmaking applications. 35mm Aug 23, 2020 路 Since 2017 I have been reporting that Leica is planning to release several new vintage/historical/heritage lenses similar to the Leica Summaron-M 28mm f/5. Leica Lenses The main precursor to the movie projector was the magic lantern. 9 Zero-D. If you are looking for an all-rounder lens on the camera go for f/2. First online flea market. Previous. All lenses come with a scale of concrete f/number values. Nov 13, 2018 路 Once you throw vintage lenses into the mix though, a whole other conversation opens up. 6 Cinema Cine TV Zoom Lens. $48. Their mechanical design and craftsmanship is second to none which makes for some very desirable combinations of old glass in new housings. Choose from a wide variety of lenses from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sigma, Tamron, & more. The OOOM gives a beautiful vintage look in its colour and bokeh. 3 prime lens; 6. This lens is a great choice for owners of Canon cameras, after a high quality, standard lens with a fast maximum aperture. aperture 1:2. Unfortunately most of the more "affordable" cinema lenses aren't quite up to par, even when compared to more vintage cinema lenses. May 19, 2016 路 Zenit and Helios lenses are also worth hunting down, for example. The THALIA prime lenses offer a consistently cinematic look and feel throughout the range of 10 lenses from 24 mm to 180 mm with an image circle of 60 mm. It鈥檚 an L series piece of glass, meaning it鈥檚 in the high-end of Canon鈥檚 lineup. From $110 / lens. arrow-right. Lens line-up includes a trio of fast F/2. Dagor 7in f6. Yashica Vintage TLR Cameras. 7 Vintage Cinema Lens Review - WITH SAMPLE FOOTAGE!!! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Next  FJSInternational. Other than that, the copy I  Items 1 - 13 of 13 Awesome vintage lens for documentary or 70s style footage. The headline says it all. 5 brightness for the entire zoom range from 20mm to 120mm with detachable servo drive unit. 3x squeeze system while the Hawk Vintage 鈥74 series lenses are the only lenses to reproduce the cult 1970s look using modern glass and mechanics. Refine. Sigma Gear Up for the Season 鈥 Ends Nov. You need an aperture reporting (and/or AF) adapter though The Cinema Antiques鈩 website and collections are dedicated to antique and collectible equipment & artifacts of the motion picture industry. Apr 18, 2020 路 The new Voigtlander Nokton Vintage Line 50mm f/1. you can go for old 1" (25mm) C mount lenses from 16mm film cameras, but you need to be careful as some aren't great. If you need to brush up on popular lens mounts, check out our guide to camera lens mounts. Rent Profoto,Canon, Canon Digital slr,Phase One Digital Back Rentals,Medium format camera rental,Camera rental New York, lighting rentals,strobe flash rentals,nyc Digital Capture rental service rental digital new york grip rental, Nikon camera ,Digital nikon rental It is fully mechanical, fully manual 35mm SLR camera that was quite common. Cooke S4i . Zoom lenses are great if you're looking for something with adjustable focal length. Rent Cinema Lenses: Anamorphic, Prime, Zoom, and Vintage Glass with LightHouse Films and save on your cinema lenses rentals in NYC! 0 Focus Gear Covid-19 Protocols Alan Gordon Enterprises. 23 Oct 2018 Safe to say, it is an old cine lens that covers a full frame sensor or 35mm film plane. Vintage movie cameras, projectors and accessories can still be used today to make home Cooke 20-100mm F2. Tel: 323. 74. At SIMMOD we specialize in converting vintage photo lenses for use on new mirrorless and  Using vintage lenses, with all of their flaws and imperfections, can help make your images I specifically use this lens when trying to mimic that cinematic look. It also renders a natural healthy skin tone and silky smooth transition. 18mm. Find a wide range of lenses to match with DSLRs, Compact System Cameras, Digital Cinema Cameras and more. One creative vision, multiple choices. com is the website for the leading international broker of high end cinema film and video equipment. 21mm Leica R lens Launch. Oct 02, 2020 路 Traditionally, the best lenses for landscape photography are wide-angle lenses that allow for capturing ample scenes in a single frame. This style of lens mount is very sturdy and can support the increased weight and size of cinema lenses. If you would like to see more content added to this page, please let us know via email: Yat Lee of Hong Kong talks us through Vintage Cinema Lenses and even a projector lens he has had modified for his Phase One DF IQ180. Cooke S4 T2 - UNCOATED (five lens minimum) 16mm. 1 Canon C100 Mark II EF Mount Cinema Camera. Our team has learned the most efficient techniques to transform them into professional movie-making tools and we can deliver these reworked, best soviet lenses to different countries of the world. The Eastman Kodak Company of Rochester, New York, was at the forefront of the major photographic technology advances of the 20th century, from the introduction of flexible camera film sold by the roll, to the production of film for the first motion pictures with sound. 99 Mar 20, 2019 路 If you鈥檙e interested in dabbling in macro photography, this is the highest-rated close-up lens filter (although this model is categorized as a lens, it does screw onto the filter threads on your existing lens): Canon 77mm 500D Close-up Lens. The 9 rounded diaphragm blades create a beautiful round aperture opening. What is the best vintage film camera? The best vintage camera depends on what you are intending on shooting with that camera. Find more Lumix GX Vario Lens 12 Aug 20, 2020 路 I鈥檝e wanted to use a particular lens for years now; a Noctilux, which is an old Leica still lens rehoused for cinema cameras. Short for "Cinema Modification", Cine-Mod is a process developed by Duclos Lenses that improves still photo lenses in several ways, making them more usable for motion picture applications. 4 at 400 ISO and F1. Our antique collection represents the Machine Age, Art Deco Age, Streamline Age and the Mid Century Modern Age of equipment creation. Capture some cinematic footage or dust off that old vintage camera and start creating some unique images with vintage lenses from a wide range of brands like,  Description. 6 on a monster tripod. Blank Media & Storage. $6800. There are tons of brands that made lenses in this mount. This adds a unique experience to capturing photos. But that doesn't mean the types of canon lens mounts are limited to just the EOS mount because some Canon cameras are fitted with an EF mount, much like the popular Canon 5D. PL Mount and Other Options. Within the other Canon lenses if you looking for a lightweight option f/4 70-200 mm is the lens to go for. These are fantastic to use on a modern digital camera and work to get that lovely vintage lens aesthetic. t TC III would be fine on the D500, I鈥檇 have no fear of poppin鈥 off shots with that combo. If you're a purist and you fancy browsing through some used film SLRs, you've come to the right place. 8 鈥斺- ALL late serial number 3,400,000 or later. Base Lens: Canon FD L 14mm T2. 21mm. Jan 12, 2020 路 This lens was a simple doublet with a focal lenght of 80 mm and, according the marking on the lens, a diameter of 22 mm. search. 00 at B&H. Vintage Lenses at Koerner Camera Systems, INC. 6 ($2,595) and Leica THAMBAR-M 90mm f/2. Aug 24, 2019 - Explore Duclos Lenses's board "Cinema Lenses" on Pinterest. Great deals and good selection on DSLR Lenses at Ritz Camera. Sep 18, 2014 路 The 100鈥300mm f/5. The first 16mm home movie cameras were produced in the 1920s, and color film was introduced in the 1930s. 00: Time left: I have for sale a vintage Gaumont Kalee Varamorph cinema projector lens. Local pickup or shipping available. Stop, weight, length, front diameter and minimum distance of focus. $950 Item #L10266: Angenieux 18. 3, 85mm T1. Learn More. Hawk V-Lite Vintage `74 Anamorphic. The third type of lens adapter is a fully electronic affair that probably won鈥檛 be in your sights if you鈥檙e looking to use vintage lenses on your digital camera. 16mm, Super 16mm, 35mm, cameras, lenses, accessories, camera support gear, dollies, lighting equipment and more! -- all backed by our exclusive money-back guaranty and FJSInternational. Cooke Speed Panchros. Kowa Cine Prominar Anamorphic lenses 40/50/75/100/200 w/diopter, wide adapter We have a rehoused set of Vintage Kowa Anamorphic lenses which have been professionally rebarrelled in Japan with new double sided bright yellow markings. You can find a selection of vintage lens  With eight sets of today's most popular vintage cinema lenses, we created one of the largest lens tests to date - compare over 80 videos! ARRI / Zeiss Master  Cine Lens mods for Leica, Canon, Zeiss, Sigma, Nikon, Mamiya. AF - Auto Focus; MF - Digital Photo; SERIES II Photo/Video The Canon VINTAGE-FD lenses help digital sensors achieve character and a 鈥渓ook鈥 that is flattering to flesh tones and OOF objects. 2x ANAMORPHIC Primes 32mm - 40mm - 50mm - 65mm - 80mm - 100mm starting at $8995 USD. 2X Anamorphic Prime Lenses. ' MAMIYA CINE ' Mamiya 8 G Model III Vintage Cine Camera c/w D Mount Lens -NICE SET-RARE- 拢29. 2 ($6,495) lenses. This results in unique lens flares and beautiful painted bokeh that brings an image apart from the typical spherical look. 50mm f/2 Leitz Summar (uncoated) Nov 17, 2017 路 Introduction to Vintage Russian Lenses for Indie Filmmakers. 8 US Navy 35mm SLR Camera Used Condition: AS-IS Two lenses were available for this camera, an excellent four-element 45mm f/2. The macro-set within the THALIA-Set: 24 mm, 55 mm and 120 mm. I'd like to go for two or three photographic prime lenses or cine primes with MFT mount without adapter, something like 18 and 40mm (or 12, 25, 50mm), max. Some of the lenses are even more of a bargain. All control rings are precision engineered for Oct 07, 2016 路 t鈥檚 sharp even wide open, has superb color rendition, and creamy smooth bokeh鈥攚hich is why so many who own it, including me, include it on their short list of great vintage lenses. Lens Mount Adapters. 5 Aspherical II VM lens for Leica M-mount; Leica Q2 red special edition camera released for Chinese Singles Day (November 11) Announced: Panasonic Lumix S 85mm f/1. 5 lens in BNC mount. Storage Drives. However, full frame is becoming more common in the video world and many cinema lenses, as well as re-housed DSLR lenses that cover full-frame sensors are becoming available to accommodate this trend. This includes 1 aspherical element. Zeiss Super Speeds Anamorphic Lenses Vintage Lenses Arri Alexa Mini Arri Alexa Arrri Amira Hawk Lenses Ultraprime Lenses Angenieux Arri RED Monstro RED EPIC RED Dragon Vintage Angenieux 14-140mm 10x14 F1. The Sigma 30mm has a fast f/1. 00 Add to cart Dec 30, 2014 路 Camera lenses explained: Focal length. 1 (seen here) Over 00: Voigtlander 10. 7 eBay (Click here) Loreo lenses on eBay (Click here) On the image below the superb vintage lens Helios 44-2 (M42 mount) adapts first to MD with a cheap Chinese adapter and then to M4/3 using the MJ Lens Turbo focal reducer (MD 鈥 M4/3). 8 and 1. Cinematographers strive for a characteristic look . New, Pre owned and used vintage lenses, spherical lenses,S35mm lenses, full frame lenses, anamorphic lenses, film cameras, video cameras, digital video cameras, Arri lenses, Zeiss lenses, Angenieux lenses, Illumina lenses, Lomo lenses, Super Baltar lenses, Baltar lenses, Cooke lenses, GL Optics lenses, Atlas lenses,Schneider lenses,Sigma lenses, Tokina lenses, Super speed lenses,Fujinon lenses Vintage Lenses (68) Vintage Movie Posters (6) Vintage Projectors (10) ISCO-Optic Ultra MC 120mm F2. 2 lens In addition, a new Leica [鈥 Projector Lens (6) Enlarger Lens (5) Angenieux (0) Boyer Paris (2) Kowa (1) Ross London (0) Som Berthiot Paris (0) Schneider (1) Wray London (1) Sets/Other (0) Miniature and Spy cameras (2) French Cameras & Lens (6) English Cameras & Lens (4) Russian cameras (8) Kiev/Kiev Lens (3) KMZ - Zenit (4) Lomography (1) Other Vintage Cameras/Lens (32 List of 3500 vintage movie cameras, projectors etc. Fast T1. The lenses come in the classic 2x squeeze and the exclusive 1. Sprinkle some magical autofocus capabilities onto said lens and attach it to a compact camera body 鈥 you鈥檝e got yourself a camera that can live in the inside pocket of your 1968 Vintage Bomber jacket. 8 lens with Ilex campor shutter. Zeiss SuperSpeed mkIII. 5" (38mm) F/3. 8 is the very right lens: excellent sharpness, depth of field, and color rendition. com Rent Digital Cameras; Lenses, Lighting and Studio Grip Gear; Video, Audio Visual Equipment and much more. Kowa Cine Prominar Anamorphic Lens Set. Beyond lenses and cameras Canon Cinema EOS C300 Camcorder Body (EF Lens Mount) with Grip Unit, Monitor Unit, Top Handle, Battery & Charger . 99 Add to cart Canon AE-1 With 100mm F2. $495. To date, Ron has converted vintage lenses for aspiring and veteran DP's the world over. From $30 a lens / day. We use cookies to better understand how the site is used and give you the best Cinema Prime Lens Features. com/BeeZ82 Duclos Lenses  25 May 2020 In this video we take a look at some of the cheap vintage lenses I've acquired recently and I give an overview of some characteristics between  In recent years, vintage lenses are consistently being hunted down by cinematographers for their Introducing the Sigma Cine Classic Art Prime lenses. 8 Cine Lens - PL Mount With Lens Supports &. I have a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K camera on my personal wish list, but I'm not sure what's best choice of lenses within an budget up to 4,000 Euro for camera and lenses. Researching vintage cine lenses and creating web pages about them takes a great deal of time and effort. Card Readers & Adapters. Using the focal reducer the field of view converts from 鈥渢ele-zoom鈥 167 mm to more manageable 118,6 mm full-frame equivalent. Download this Premium Vector about Lens camera gradient logo template, and discover more than 10 Million Professional Graphic Resources on Freepik Panasonic Lumix DC-S1MGA-K Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera (Full-Frame with 24. While shooting landscapes is often a matter of timing and patience, switching your standard kit lens with a piece of gear specifically designed for this Welcome the new Helios 44-2 VLFV Cine Edition, proficiently rehoused by IronGlass! Mission: Our main goal with was to bring out the best in this lens but  28 Sep 2016 http://blog. Address: 11500 S Sam Houston Pkwy W. times-circle. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is designed to control the electronic iris of EF and ZE mount lenses but as of firmware version 1. Vintage C-mount cinema (often shortened to cine) lenses are an excellent option if you want the best quality you can get and are okay with spending a little bit more. Goerz AM. From hand crank projectors of the early 20th century to various small and large projectors of the 60鈥檚. z. Such lenses allow many filmmakers (and photographers) add different focal lengths to their kit bag and experiment without breaking the bank. 4 / 80MM T1. Four ARRI Signature Zoom lenses constitute an unrivalled new cine zoom system ARRI offers the full range of bebob products in Japan and Korea On-Set Facilities and the ARRI System Group collaborate to build virtual production studios You really need wider lenses for the M4/3 system, but vintage wide angle lenses are rarer and so much more expensive than the more standard 28mm-50mm range. See more ideas about Lenses, Cinema, Lens. Among them the well-known ZEISS Compact Prime family, the ZEISS Cinema Zooms and of course the ZEISS Supreme Primes that are becoming ever more popular for feature films, TV shows, commercials and other projects. Visitors to our digital cinema and film  Here's the 1st of 5 beautiful, short films from Brent Barbano and Erica Mer, all shot with our vintage NIPPONSCOPE anamorphic lenses and ARRI Alexa Mini,  26 Mar 2018 In this guest post, Vancouver based freelance filmmaker and an anamorphic lens freak Tito Ferradans, is exposing us to his Contax Zeiss Cine  Canon K35 Primes. remounting (15) Astro Berlin (2) Boyer Paris (4) Cinema Lens. My Camera Guide Oct 22, 2020 路 It has become a place where several enthusiasts have decided to give the second life to vintage Russian lenses. Build out your photography kit & shop our quality used lenses. Until now. 27mm. Lee in the 1920s, was a cine prime lens that chromatically enhanced an image when filming under restricted illumination. From each of them you can see: focal, t. 2 primes, all of them can be used with this camera. Phone: 713-988-2818. The basic set is made-up of the very best LEICA 鈥淩鈥 glass 鈥 19MM T2. Corporate Info. vintage cinema lenses

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